In Memory

James Wayne(Butch) Custer

In memory of James Wayne "Butch" Custer, who died February 3, 1968.


Marie-France Blair Respondek - Aww Butch, you were such a cool guy. So sad to lose you so very young. Always smiling and such a kidder!

Bobby Massey - I miss Butch! I miss our talks! I miss his family, I miss the rides together cruising Slaton in his 51 Plymouth black business coupe. " Precious memories how they linger."

Terry Hendrix - Butch was a very good friend. Butch was the best man at my wedding. We spent many great hours together crusing the main drag and talking about our lives and ladies. Butch was very brave when he got sick and I never heard him do the "why me?" lament. We just talked about what we were going to do when he got well. I was really innocent in the ways of the world. I was with Butch's wife and family at his bedside when he died.