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04/15/14 01:22 PM #1    


Mary Ruth Green (Gossett)

Welcome to the Slaton High School Class of 1964 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

04/18/14 08:17 AM #2    


Mary Ruth Green (Gossett)

Hey Folks, Our class also has a Facebook page. The more ways to communicate the merrier, just click on the "Class of '64 Facebook" link on the left-hand side for access to the FB link.

Mary Ruth

05/21/14 11:02 PM #3    


Dow (J. D. ) Winchester

Glad to be a part of this.  Just got computer back working after all the fires last week.




Dow Winchester

06/04/14 11:53 PM #4    

Jane Thompson (Williamson)

Joe and I had breakfast on Monday while in Kansas with Lewis Cowdrey. He is planning to attend the reunion and will perform some of his music for us on Saturday night at the dinner. YEAH!

Looking forward to seeing all of you.

06/05/14 02:48 PM #5    

Thelma Kidd

That's great! 


06/09/14 10:10 AM #6    


Jim Chriesman

I'm getting "geared up" for this too.  Can't wait to see everyone and catch up on folks lives, travels and happenings.


08/11/14 01:24 AM #7    

Kathy Claiborne (Glover)

I have truly enjoyed reading all of the stories and  looking at all of the photos.  It has been fun seeing all of the old photos and reading the stories of our lives.  I want to give a big shout out to Mary Ruth for putting this website together and projecting such enthusiasm!  And,  thanks to Jane and Thelma;  the three of them have done a lot of planning and coordination on  making sure we all have a great time.

Jan, Dow, Charlotte, Nat, Susan, Margaret and Paula I will miss seeing you there.   You wll be missed.

Kathy Glover

08/11/14 02:55 PM #8    

Bruce Pember

I'll second Kathy on all the above!  Look forward to seeing everyone in September.

08/12/14 08:05 AM #9    

Bob Massey

I agree Bruce and Kathy and even the process of seeing the hard work of MaryRuth, Thelma, Jane and Bentley has been a joy.  Really looking forward reconnecting with everyone. 

08/31/14 11:55 AM #10    

Kathy Claiborne (Glover)

Mary Ruth

Hope you are feeling better soon.  Miss seeing your updates, cartoons and reminders about the reunion....You have done a fantastic job building enthusiam.  

Take care of yourself. 

09/22/14 03:21 PM #11    


Sheila Carter (Angerer)

Are all of the Cowdrey's in KS?  And exactly where are they in KS

I believe Mary lives in Iowa, Julie in Wichita,KS and Fran in SC

09/24/14 04:08 PM #12    


Dow (J. D. ) Winchester

To the class of "64,

By the photos I can tell no one had any fun.   All I see is love and loving people whom I wish I could have seen.

To all of you I want to wish God's blessings and my love and friendship.


Semper Fi,


09/25/14 01:50 PM #13    

Teresa Loke (Hendrix)

Dow, you were missed! I would like to extend my deepest appreciation for your service to the US. I thank you and wish you the very best. God bless you and your family!

09/26/14 04:40 PM #14    

Kathy Claiborne (Glover)

Yes, you were missed!  Hope your foot is healing.  Take care.

12/20/14 12:00 PM #15    

Joan Bednarz (Burk)

Every time I look at our book of memories I think of all of my classmates and our high school days together.  Thank you Thelma for putting together such a beautiful memory.  It is so professional and inclusive. And thanks to all who organized the reunion actvities--Jane, Mary Ruth, Thelma--and others who did the work behind the scenes decorating and putting together the program.  It was worth all of your efforts. 


12/21/14 03:13 PM #16    

Judi Dawson (Miles)

Hi Joan.  It's good to remember you and many of your classmates forme, too!  And I wholeheartedly agree that this is a beautiful, professional site and thank all who put it together! Judi Dawson Miles

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