Classmate Story Instructions

Following in the footsteps of the Class of 1963, we would like to gather the stories of our class.  We will end up with an actual printed book -- or something online -- or both.  We will get back to you about the cost to purchase a book, if we decide to publish a hard copy in addition to having it online. 
So, here we go!  
We hope that everyone will participate by sending us your stories and your photographs.  
A few of the capable wordsmiths in our group have agreed to edit what we write and make us sound eloquent and Mrs. Martin proud.  No worries, though, you will have final approval of your story before it goes to print. 
I am going to ramrod this project, using lots of volunteer help.  What will make this go smoothly is everyone (this means you!) participating and submitting your story and pictures sooner rather than later.  
We have five stories from the Class of 1963 as examples.  These stories will give you an idea of how others have completed this “assignment.”  Let your cursor hover over the words "Classmate Story Book" on the left.  If you are using a PC, a couple of drop-down menus should show you the names of the people who wrote those stories.  If you are a Mac user, there will be a small arrow to the right of "Classmate Story Book" that will produce the menu.  Hopefully.  Give it a try!
Here are some guidelines on what you may want to include:
Information about yourself:  your history, what you have done so far in your life, what you are interested in now ...
Information about your family or other important people and things in your life ...
Specific memories of school:  friends, teachers, coaches, events, classes ...
Old & new photos, up to six-- of yourself, your family, classmates, school, Slaton, your boat, your bike, your pets, your garden, whatever you would like to include.
Maybe even:  your philosophy of life, what you want someone to say about you at your funeral, things you wish you had done or not done in your life, famous people you met or didn’t meet, the famous person you were supposed to be, your bucket list ... whatever.
If you can, please use the computer and write your story in Word.  You can insert your photographs into your Word document or you can attach them separately.  Email your story with your photos to me at  I will keep up with who has done their homework and who has not and be the one who nags you about it.  If you don't want to use the computer, that is fine!  Simply write or type your story and mail it to me at my home address: 305 Culpepper Ct, Brentwood, TN 37027.  Include your pictures with your story.  
After the polishing has been done you will receive your story back for your final approval.
As you can imagine, time will be our enemy on this project -- so sit right down as soon as you can and tell us about yourself!  (I'm telling myself the same thing.  No, I haven't written mine either!)  
If you have questions, email me at or give me a call at 615-300-4552.  It will be fun to hear from you and I'll try to answer whatever questions you have.  
Get writing!